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"It took many years in the sport to discover the secrets that have helped me optimize result times, maximize athletic potential, fine tune training, dial in nutrition, and achieve racing goals. Now, I just love to train people to do as well as they can and teach them some of the tricks that I have learned over the 39+ years of training and racing experience!" 

Ray Campeau is one of the best known Triathletes in the North Eastern United States with 42 years in the sport including a string of wins and podium results in some of the toughest events nationwide

*Certified Power Coach

Early Triathlon Competiton:

Ray became interested in Triathlons in 1980 during the sport's infancy and large organized competitive events were just beginning to be recognized. A naturally competitive athlete, Ray started out doing Triathlons as a past-time and a way to keep fitness and stamina. His abilities as a strong swimmer and powerful runner were further enhanced when he realized he had developed the athletic engine to make a TT bike fly.

In 1994, with a change in his outlook and realization of the life-positive nature of triathlon, Ray started to train more seriously become more conscious of how a structured program could help bring him to the next level of competition. 

Ironman/Triathlon Champion

Since getting involved in Triathlons, Ray has competed at all levels of the sport and has specialized in the especially grueling Ironman events - that can humble the very strongest of athletes.

Major Results Achieved

  • 1998-2002 Kona Hawaii Ironman. World championship.
  • Team USA Member
  • All American Athlete multiple times
  • 2002 lake placid finish time of 10:12
  • 16 Ironman triathlons
  • Winner of the Wyckoff Triathlon: 2000
  • Winner of the Greenwood Lake Tri: 2000
  • Winner of the Harriman Tri: 1999
  • Over 20 top 5 finishes in triathlon and duathlon events nationwide.
  • Multiple 4:25 finish time in 70.3 events. PR 4:19